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Our Journey

Established in March 2005, Two Oceans Trading L.L.C. embarked on a sweet journey in Dubai, U.A.E. Operating under the registered brand name Candy Hearts, we have grown to become a leading name in the candy retail industry.

Candy Hearts does not only have candy stores in the UAE; we are an importer, exporter, distributor, wholesaler, re-exporter, and retailer of candies. With 30+ candy retail outlets spread across the leading shopping malls and toy stores in the UAE, we bring the world’s best candies right to you.

Our Success

Our Success

Our rapid growth can be attributed to our innovative kiosk designs, strategic merchandising, impeccable service, quality products, vast variety, and high customer satisfaction. At Candy Hearts, every candy tells a story, and every story is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation.

Candy Hearts envisions becoming the preferred candy retailer & distributor in the Middle East. We aim to expand steadily, forging true partnerships and alliances that resonate with our vision and dreams.

Global Connections

We import candies from countries like the USA, Spain, Malaysia, Turkey, Romania, and China. Our distribution network spans hypermarkets, candy stores, cinemas, water parks, petrol stations, convenience stores, toy stores, hotels, universities, and amusement parks. Furthermore, we re-export to countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, India, and Africa. We are also the authorized distributor for companies like Ferrara Candy Company (USA), Impact Confections (USA), CT Confectioneries (Malaysia), Damel (Spain), Dulceplus (Spain) and Artesan del Sucre (Romania).

Global Connection

Setting the Gold Standard in Candy Retail & Distribution in the UAE

30+ Candy Retail Outlets

100+ Varieties of Candy

Trusted by Top Brands

From Marshmallows to Chocolates and Beyond: Our Diverse Candy Categories

Trusted by Many: Testimonials from Our Esteemed Partners